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We are pleased to announce that our partner Ms Maria Raphael and our associate Ms Irene Raphael completed the train- the- trainers course on consumer law in the framework of the project Consumer Law Ready and they are equipped and authorised to give training events to micro, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), helping them understand and comply with latest EU and national consumer laws. The training enables the SMEs to gain knowledge of the important aspects of consumer law, which will help them to improve their customer service and increase consumer trust in their business.

Consumer Law Ready is a project funded by the European Parliament and the European Commission, managed in cooperation with the European Commission. The training project is running by the BEUC (the European Consumer Organization), in a consortium with Eurochambres (The Chamber of commerce in the City of Brussels, Belgium) and UEAPME (the European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises).

The training project covers the following topics:

  • Pre contractual requirements information:
The EU Consumer Rights Directive requires that the SMEs must provide eight key pieces of information to the consumer before they complete any sale or service contract with the SMEs.
Specific information must be presented at the point of sale and further information must be presented to conclude the contract at a distance or outside the business premises.
Train with us to learn what these eight key pieces of information are, how these must be presented and what the consequences are if you don’ t meet the legal requirements.
  • Right of withdrawal:
The right of withdrawal is a powerful tool that EU law gives consumers in all EU Member States. It allows the consumer to cancel a contract within 14 days of receipt without justification. The contract can relate to the supply of goods, services and digital content.
Train with us to learn how to incorporate the right of withdrawal in your contracts and how to react when the consumer withdraws from a contract or returns a purchased item.
  • Unfair commercial practice and unfair contract terms:
EU law defines unfair commercial practices and unfair contract terms. A commercial practice is unfair under EU law, when it prevents the consumer from making a free, fully informed economic decision. Unfair commercial practices are prohibited across the EU.
Terms in consumer contracts must fulfill specific standards to be in line with the principle of good faith and to avoid an imbalance to the detriment of the consumer in the rights and obligations between contractual parties.
Train with us to ensure that your advertising is compliant with EU law and learn how to formulate the terms in consumer contracts to fulfill the specific standards required.
  • Consumer rights and guarantees in case of defective products:

One of the most important issues concerning the sale of goods is ‘’Guarantee’’. The sellers are liable for all defects in goods sold by them. Under EU law, traders must repair or replace defective products.
Train with us to learn what are your responsibilities to the consumer if an item or service you sold is defective, stops working or is not in line with the agreed contract and learn everything about the legal guarantee and how does it differ from the commercial guarantee.


  • Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and online dispute resolution (ODR) :
The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) also sometimes called ‘’out of court dispute resolution’’ is a procedure allowing consumers and traders to solve disputes out of court. Under EU law, ADR can be used for any dispute arising from a contract between a trader and consumer.
The Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform was created by the European Commission to manage the disputes relating to online purchases and provide support to trades and consumers.
Train with us to learn more about the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Online Dispute Resolution.
Through our training you will obtain the knowledge required to ensure that your SME is in compliance with latest EU and national consumer laws so that you gain competitive customer service and trust in your business and to avoid the detrimental consequences of not complying.
If your business is interested to be  trained on consumer law send us an e-mail at the address

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