I. Frangos interview by InBusinessNews: A lot of effort is required to achieve work-life balance

Our Managing Partner, Iosif Frangos, was interviewed by InBusinessNews and spoke about aspects of his personal and professional life.
The full interview can be found below.
The story of the law firm, I. Frangos & Associates LLC, started in 1999, right after Iosif Frangos finished his training to be a lawyer. According to him, the biggest problems that affect the ability to do business, are the non-performing loans and the necessity of the services industry to adjust to a new regulatory framework that is very strict.
The Managing Partner of I. Frangos & Associates LLC is part of the millennials generation. The young entrepreneurs who are changing the face of business all around the world. They, who despite on continuing to focus on ensuring the profitability of their companies, are also interested in making their contribution in changing society.
Iosif Frangos reveals to the camera of InBusinessNews aspects of his professional and personal life.
What do you consider to be the biggest problems for the Cypriot economy?
I consider that two are the biggest problems that the Cypriot economy is facing today. Firstly, the non-performing loans which exist in the banking sector, which affect the operation of banks and their ability to provide financing to new businesses. The second problem is the necessity that exists today for companies to manage to adjust to a new regulatory framework which is very strict, and I am referring to the services industry.
What is the best piece of business advice that you have received?
I have to go way back, in 2000 when I finished my training to be a lawyer. I asked the lawyer for whom I was working then to remain at his office where I was working. He told me “Iosif, I suggest that you open your own office.” When I told him that “I am just starting now and that I do not know anything,” his reply was that “you will either learn to swim or you will drown.”
How do you achieve work-life balance?
A lot of effort is required to balance, on the one hand, the many hours that our profession demands and, on the other hand, your personal and social life. This balance is achieved for myself at least by spending time with my children and being involved with the sport I adore, football, through my involvement with AEK Larnaca.

Source: InBusinessNews, 11/11/2019

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