Arbitration & Mediation

Our firm appreciates the availability of alternative to national courts methods of dispute resolutions, such as arbitration and mediation.  Our firm’s experts are experienced in representing clients in arbitration or mediation proceedings and have also been nominated to act as arbitrators or mediators.
International Arbitration
Disputes are an inevitable occurrence in many international commercial transactions and parties, often, agree to refer their disputes to arbitration as a private, independent, flexible and neutral system. The parties may choose between an ad hoc arbitration or an institutional arbitration where an arbitration institution oversees the conduct of the arbitration procedure.
Our firm’s experts are being involved in various international arbitration cases as counsels for either the Claimant or the Respondent and have the experience to represent and protect their clients’ interests throughout the arbitration process diligently and effectively.
Mediation differs significantly from litigation and arbitration in that the mediator does not impose a solution by issuing a binding decision but works with the parties to resolve their dispute by agreement. The mediator assists the parties to effect a compromise, either by suggesting grounds for enforcement or facilitating them to recognise weaknesses in their cases.



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